5 effective homemade remedies for Bride to be for glowing skin

We all are excited for the wedding season. A wedding is the best excuse for wearing different types of clothes and make-up for girls. The wedding day is the most important day for girl' s life, and on the big day, all eyes are on the bride! Therefore, a girl cannot skip out on looking stunning at her own wedding because she is the highlight of the event!

A bride might not be able to visit the salon every week because there are so many things she needs to get done before the wedding. So here are some amazing tips for a new bride-to-be to glow and kill by her looks on her wedding day.

Proper Sleep: Do not skip sleeping. It is very essential to have proper sleep to get at least 8 hours of sleep each day. Especially at the time of your wedding lack of sleep is common. So please make sure to have proper sleep.  Your skin's cells tend to renew themselves as you sleep, leaving you with glowing, pearl-like skin when you wake up. And a good night's sleep means no black circles. Do not compromise your sleep for anything.

No to new products: Never test out new products on the wedding day,  even if it has been said frequently and is still true.  Which products will work best for a person's skin type and which won't is a mystery. In order to avoid using any new makeup, brides should stick to products they have already tried and used. Say no to new products in order to avoid acne or any skin related to the disease.

Stay Hydrate and keep your skin Hydrated: It is very essential to keep your skin hydrated before your make up. You must moisturize your skin before having your makeup applied. Hydrating seaweed gel can be applied to the face and neck to moisturize the skin and make makeup application easier. It is also advisable to use facial oils for heavy makeup because they can help the skin develop a protective barrier.

Proper Diet:  Avoid having too much oily food or snacks. Add highly nutritient components in your diet. Include tomatoes, celery, oranges, or green leafy veggies. They'll help you acquire gorgeous skin on your wedding day by firming and enhancing it. Avoid caffeine-containing beverages including coffee, soda, and alcohol for 1-2 weeks prior to the event.

Skin Care: Try out the old and effective beauty tips by your Dadi or nani. Start applying a face mask or homemade facial for your glowing skin. The bride needs to take the best care of her skin starting at least two months before the wedding day to get glowing skin. This should be the time when she has to religiously take care of her skin. Keep your skin clean. Make sure to cleanse it daily and do aloe massage at least once in a week. Apply turmeric, rose petals or any other natural face mask. 

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