5 effective ways to educate your child about the Menstrual cycle

Menstruation plays very important role in every women’s life but in India talking about periods is considered as a Tabbu. To have an open discussion about menstruation not only with boys but also with girls is very important. Due to the change of environment, the information about these things are available on all the platforms but the question is whether that is it the right source by which your kid gets to know about this probably not. Therefore it is the duty of parents to talk about such thing with their child to provide them with trustworthy information. Here are 5 effective days to have a good conversation with your kids.

Early Education: Don’t wait for your girl to get her first, explain to her about period before so as to avoid any shock and misunderstanding when it arrived. Tell your daughter to keep their menstrual hygiene in check, even before they start their periods. This includes washing their hands after using the restroom and the idea of switching from sanitary pads to period panties.

Trustworthy information: Tell general and trustworthy information why women get it. This will make them mentally prepared to accept menstruation as a ‘normal’ part of life. Parents must provide information about the importance of using period products. Girls should be taught how to use sanitary pads, tampons, and menstrual cups during periods; and change them per menstrual flow Providing knowledge about period products will help a girl choose the best product for periods.

Menstrual Problem: Be practical, and discuss all the negative and positive effects of period cycle. It is essential to discuss various menstrual disorders and their signs and symptoms with your child. It will help her identify any menstrual disorder she is facing and start with immediate medications to avoid further complications.

Involve male members: The information about periods is equally important for boys as it to your girl child. There are so many ways to make your husband to participate in such conversation. For younger boys it is important to know about this as it will  help in the future and for dads, it is important to get your little daughter.

Positive Sides: Make them aware with the advantages of periods and what it means to have a healthy body that is working well and explain that each person will have a different menstrual experience because of genes, hormones, and environmental factors. Emphasize that having a period shouldn't limit daily activities and tell them it is a natural process.

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