Use these 5 types of gargles if you have a cold, cough or sore throat

Nowadays corona infection seems to be spreading. Meanwhile, all the rules of covid are being recalled. Once again the prescriptions that were being adopted to protect against corona are being rediscovered. Cold-cough, sore throat during corona infection is no longer normal, but if your throat is getting worse or sore, then these 5 types of gargles can definitely benefit you.

Salt water- Gargle with lukewarm salt water. Yes, your throat will be completely fine by this. There will be a lot of relief in sore throat. Along with this, if a cough has started causing pain in your throat, then gargling with salt water will give you relief very quickly.

Gargle with basil water- You can gargle with basil water to overcome the problem of cold and cough. In fact, it provides relief in sore throat, swelling and pain in all three. Tulsi is rich in anti-bacterial and anti fungal properties.

Gargle with Triphala water- You can also gargle with Triphala and salt water. Actually, it has anti-inflammatory properties and if you have swollen or tonsils in the throat, then gargling with this water gives relief.

Gargling with turmeric and salt water- Salt is anti-bacterial. Yes and it destroys the bacteria present inside the mouth. In fact, being anti-inflammatory, it reduces both swelling and pain in the throat.

Liquorice- Put liquorice in your mouth and tighten it. After this boil the liquorice water and make it lukewarm and drink it. By the way, if you want, you can gargle by adding salt to that water. This will benefit you.

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