5 green smoothies’ recipes for freshness in the heat of summer

In recent years, all kinds of smoothies and squeezed juices have climbed to the top of the leading trends, and it is not surprising, because in our time a healthy lifestyle is in fashion. But the most useful among these magic drinks are ... green smoothies.

So let's first see what the advantage of green smoothies is?

  1. Vegetable cocktails contain at least useful substances, with significantly fewer calories than regular fruit and berry smoothies.
  2. Green smoothies serve as a powerful detox for the body, it is thanks to them that the metabolism improves, which, in turn, contributes to weight loss.
  3. And they are a real vitamin bomb. of easily digestible nutrients. Direct delivery to your cells and tissues!
  4. Feeling tired or seasonal sleepiness? Instead of coffee, cheer up with green juice, and you see, the effect will be unexpected. And all thanks to the sugar contained in vegetables, which in liquid form enters the blood much faster.
  5. And in the end, it's the best way to consume the daily rate of vegetables, which sometimes we lack.

And now a couple of recipes for these amazing cocktails, the preparation of which does not take 15 minutes.

Cucumber + parsley

Drink fresh cucumber juice for a week, and you will be surprised at the changes that will happen to your skin. Did you hear about the benefits of cucumber masks? That's it, only this method is even better because besides the skin you will supply the whole body with a daily dose of vitamin C.

Avocado + Apple + Ginger + Cucumber

And here is the perfect snack, although what kind of snack? - perfect lunch. Gentle avocado is a high-calorie fruit that can fully satisfy hunger, and if you add a little freshness of apple and ginger, there is a risk that this cocktail will become your favorite dish.

Pineapple + Basil + Banana + Spinach

Another energizing cocktail that is perfectly suited for detox and unusual experiments.

Spinach + apple + lemon

The best refreshing and an invigorating option for a hot summer day.

Celery + Avocado + Mango + Natural Yoghurt

A quick breakfast, which will go down in the history of your culinary life. The real elixir of youth and freshness.


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