5 healthful snacks that can help you lose weight

We choose the incorrect foods off the shelf when we are not conscious of our eating choices, which can lead to weight gain and a variety of health concerns.  Although most goods today claim to be "healthy," they are typically rich in added sugar and harmful fats. Chips, for example, have little or very little nutritious value but are rich in fats, salt, and calories. 

According to health experts: 5 healthy snacks that may be used to replace harmful snacks and help you lose weight

1. Fruit instead of candy or chocolate

Fruits are naturally high in antioxidants, fibre and water content and low in fat, sodium and calorie which helps keep you nourished and feel fuller for longer time. Not to mention who doesn’t love a fresh bowl of fruits.

2. Popcorn instead of chips

Fried chips are full of sodium and empty calories. Instead pop some maize and treat yourself to a delicious low calorie, fibre-rich snack which satisfies your appetite and at the same time adds variety to your diet.

3. Peanut butter toast instead of biscuits

Nut butter are a source of good fats in your diet, that helps to maintain good cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure and are also good for your heart health. A teaspoon of peanut butter or almond butter on a multigrain or millet toast makes for a crunchy snack.

4. Cut carrots or cucumber instead of potato fries or wedge

If you are craving for those salty French fries, what your body actually needs is water, so choose high water content foods like cucumber or carrot and cut them up like sticks. Serve them with a hummus or hung curd dip which is a good protein source. These healthy sticks are also rich in fibre, antioxidants thus keeping you nourished and full.

5. Fox Nut or puffed rice and chana instead of Namkeens

Namkeens are another high sodium, high fat, high-calorie unhealthy snack which can be replaced with fox nuts or puffed rice and chana mixture. As they are rich in fibre, they will keep you full. Along with that they are also a good source of nutrients like iron, magnesium, zinc which keep you energized.

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