5 home remedies for a better skin in this monsoon

Jun 14 2018 01:16 PM
5 home remedies for a better skin in this monsoon

It’s the time for monsoon and I’m sure everyone is eager to be sitting by the window with a hot cup of chai and pakoras by the side.
But as happy and excited you may be, there are bad days coming ahead too. With an intake of oily food, the face pops up with pimples, embarrassing you while you try to cover them on occasions. If you’re afraid of acnes this monsoon season, do not worry. We have the best homemade remedies that will give your face an instant glow.

1. Sandalwood
Exfoliation is important for your skin. Your skin needs to feel the freshness by cleaning it every now and then, you’ll prevent the dust to settle on your face.
Use Sandalwood powder and mix it with orange peel and multani mitti. Make a paste out of it. Use this paste to exfoliate dead skin cells.use twice a week and wash face with the desired facewash after that. Keep the face moisturised.

2. Besan and Methi for Detox
A skin detox is as important as is washing face every day. It keeps you away from allergies, puffiness, rashes and skin disorders.
It is better if you use such natural ingredients instead of artificial facewashes. 
 take green gram powder and besan, and half the quantity of fenugreek seeds powder. Mix all these well in rose water apply the paste on your face, keep for sometime before taking off and then moisture skin.

3. Honey for Oily Skin
Honey, is the best natural ingredient that can be used for the human body, it has amazing properties. Take a glass of water and add honey to it. Apply the fluid on face, wash after 20 minutes. This won’t let your skin be oily in the rainy season.

4. Multani Mitti for pimples
Make an easy Multani mitti face pack. Take 2 tablespoons of Multani mitti, in a  pinch of camphor and a few drops of clove oil. Apply the mixture mixed in rosewater on the pimples.  As soon as it dries, wash it off. 

5. Orange Peel and Lemon Juice for de tanning.
After 4 months of heat in summers, even if you try not to but you get tanning. 
Make a mixture of orange peel powder and lemon juice. Adding sandalwood and Multani mitti will make it even better. Apply the paste for 20 minutes and then take it off after drying.

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