5 more deaths due to poisonous liquor in Aligarh, 22 in critical condition

Aligarh: The number of deaths due to poisonous liquor in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh has not stopped. Police said on Thursday that five people died in Rohera village of the district due to consumption of poisonous liquor while 22 people in in critical condition. This is the second major tragedy caused by poisonous liquor in the area in the past few days.

More than 90 people have lost their lives due to poisonous liquor in Aligarh district in the last few days. According to the administration, 35 people have died of poisonous liquor, it has been confirmed while the post mortem report of others is yet to come. According to police, some workers working in brick kilns had consumed liquor found in the canal on Wednesday. The local SP said it appears that illegal liquor makers put their stock in the canal when the workers here saw that in the water and  they picked it up.

According to media reports, locals said that when the workers saw the liquor, they took it out and started drinking it, but soon their health deteriorated. All were taken to the hospital when the police were informed. Police said the hospital has so far declared five people dead, three of whom were brought dead here. So far 22 others are undergoing treatment. Police have now registered a case against the unidentified in the case and are investigating.

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