5 Reasons why 'soda' is bad for you

Soda has probably been there for ages. It is slowly killing us. But have you ever thought about it or even taken a little effort to read about what it does or is doing to your body.

Today, sodas are awash in highly refined sweeteners, synthetic additives, GMOs and other toxins that are not meant to be inside a human body.

Affects the Brain

Caffeine, a common ingredient present in soda, causes undesirable effects such as nervousness, irritability and an irregular heartbeat. This can cause children to be restless and fidgety, affect their sleep or even cause headaches.  

Causes Heart Attacks, strokes and depression

Most individuals associate it with obesity; and obesity is associated with worse health problems such as diabetes, hypertension and premature death.

Causes Diabetes

Consuming even one soda a day can increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes by 18% over a decade. Even for individuals of average-weight, you have an increased likelihood in developing Type 2 diabetes just from regularly drinking any sugary drinks.

Causes Dental Problems

There is a very high amount of sugar that is present in sodas. This clings to the teeth, which allows bacteria to produce acids that cause tooth decay. In additions to this, some sodas contain carbonic, phosphoric, malic, citric and tartaric acids, making the beverage acidic. Consuming this on daily basis increases the rate of demineralization and erosion of tooth enamel and lead to tooth decay and dental problems.

Causes Kidney Stones

Regular intake of sodas in large amounts can increase the risk of a urinary tract disorder known as kidney stones, which is very painful. Soda intake increases excretion of oxalates, but decreases excretion of magnesium and citrate, factors that may increase risk of kidney stone formation.

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