5 things that are dangerous for your skin

These days to pollution and various other factors the problems related to skin is increasing day by day. Your skin is your first layer of defense and comes in contact with a long list of environmental stressors, pollution, and bacteria everyday. Skin Damage is not only caused by these factors but our daily activities also affect skin.

Not washing your face: One of the most common cause of skin problems is not washing your face frequently. After coming home, before sleeping to get rid of bacteria which causes skin problems. For washing your face, Use a gentle cleanser with moisturizers like glycerin or botanical oils to keep your complexion hydrated. And if you can’t get to the sink or just don’t want to, a few passes with a facial wipe will work in a pinch.

Smoking: Smoking is not only harmful for your body but also for your skin. Nicotine reduces blood flow to your skin, which means it doesn’t get enough oxygen and nutrients. And the chemicals in tobacco damage the collagen and elastin proteins that give your skin structure. A smoker’s skin is thin, dull, more wrinkled, and less able to heal.

Using old cosmetics: It is very common that we use beauty product for a long time but it causes damage to your skin. Using old makeup and skin-care products or sponges or brushes that have become contaminated with bacteria or yeast can cause skin irritations or infections and increases skin problems like acne, red scars. 

Constantly touching your face: It is a very common habit that we very frequently touch our faces but it affects our skin badly. " touching your skin is very easy when you suffer from pimples to want to touch your skin due to itching and uneasiness. However, by doing this you are transferring germs, dirt, and sweat from your palms and fingers onto your face."

Unbalanced Diet: What you eat directly affects your skin.  Diets containing lots of simple carbohydrates, like refined sugar, sweets, white bread, pasta and soda, speed up the aging process. They cause insulin levels to spike, which leads to inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation produces enzymes that break down the supporting skin structures collagen and elastin which result in several skin related problems.


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