5 tips to get rid out Money Flow Issues

Nov 09 2018 04:17 PM
5 tips to get rid out Money Flow Issues

Any people faces Money Flow Issues or poor health issues so here are some astrological remedies to wipe out these kind of problems:

1-Take cow's dung and add in it 7kind of -anaaj. Make shivling out of this mixture and every member of family should put 1 drop of ganga water on it. After some time, you'll notice things changing money-wise.

2-If your father's health is weak so donate 5 almonds to a poor person every Sunday.

3-If in your childhood you faced so many struggles, it's due to a number of problems that will cause you same problems after 36 years of age then treat your in-laws with respect.

3-Treat the siblings of your spouse like kids. Donate a copper coin once a month on a Wednesday in the river to wipe out money losses.

4-Om Jawal Jawal Shulani, Dushtgrahaan, Huun Phat Svaha. – do cant it 10 minutes morning and evening and Do it for sure on Ashtami in front of Devi Maa you will feel change in your life.

5-To achieve success in new job: try to start the work in a shubh mahurat, put a supari and a piece of paper with what you want to do and place it in front of Ganesha, put this in purva and start the work, careful not to start in rahu kalam.




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