5 Tips to Launching in a Small Forum Genre

First Things First

Getting a small forum genre is not an easy thing. You most likely have a lot less potential members and you probably have nothing to base yourself off of. You will almost be starting from zero and with a pretty big disadvantage, but there are ways to create a successful forum, just don’t expect anything large any time soon. The process of getting a 9ja news forum, that is based off a small forum genre, active is long but can be accomplished. Here are some tips to doing so:

1) Get Active In Forums In That Forum Genre

If you can find at least one other forum with the same forum genre then join it and become active. Forums based on small forum genres tend to have smaller member bases. You need to be able to pull as many members as possible with the little areas of advertising you have. Becoming respected and influential in a similar forum genre will provide you with potential members. If the members respect you enough, they will be more inclined to join your forum. It won’t be as easy as posting your NaijaTab forum link on every possible forum advertisement board. You do not know whether or not you will target your audience well enough, so you have to go ahead and find your audience. This is how you accomplish that.

2) Keep Working and Don’t Stop

Running a forum like this will be tough, so do not let it discourage you. It is proven that the more you are active on your forum, especially in smaller forums, the more active your forum is in general. Remember that activity breeds activity. Members that see you are active are more inclined to participate. Most members will not be the “first” to post, so encourage them.

3) Create Fake Members

Sometimes activity will be tough on your forum. One trick you can do is create fake members on your forum. You will have access to these accounts and will be posting as if you are another person. As long as members do not realize it is you, they will think another newsnaija member is participating. While this is not the best form of creating activity on your forum, it does allow for more activity to arise. Members that see other members participate are more inclined to get involved.

4) Create Close Relations with Your Members

You will have a small pool, maybe a good puddle, of potential and actual members so creating a close relation with your current members is crucial. Get to know them beyond the forum. Talk to them via email, Twitter, Facebook, MSN, etc. The closer you are to your members the easier they become “golden members” and you will really need those to keep your forum active. Those members will possibly know of more users interested in the same forum genre and it can become a great place for recruiting new members. Getting to know your forum members is always a great step as an administrator of a forum.

5) Explain Why Users Should Join Your Forum

It is as simple as writing, “You should join my forum because” You need to give your guests a reason to join. If they are at all interested in your forum genre then you should really try and grab their attention. They should immediately know why they should even think about joining your forum. Make it clear and concise.


Starting a forum based on a small forum genre can be tough, but with enough motivation, determination, and patience, you can do it.

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