5 Uses of cardamom to get healthy

Nov 09 2018 01:58 PM
5 Uses of cardamom to get healthy

Cardamom is used in all Indian cuisine. It is used more often than not by people to increase taste and taste of tea. Cardamom is also very beneficial for health. Today we are going to tell you about some healthy cardiology tips.

1- Even after brushing many people smell drastically, it comes from breath. Take one cardamom daily to remove the odor of breathlessness. Doing this will remove the odor from your breath.

2- Nowadays, most people are troubled by the problem of weak digestive system. The weak digestive system invites problems related to the stomach. In such a way, to keep the stomach healthy, take cardamom regularly. Cardamom contains some properties that relieve constipation and strengthen digestive system as well.

3- If you have a sore throat, add two cardamoms, one small piece of ginger and basil leaves with a glass of hot water. Doing this will remove the sore throat.

4- If you are troubled by the problem of mouth ulcers, grind large cardamom granules and mix it with sugar powder on the bark. By doing this, your blisters will cure you.

5- Taking cardamom by mouth might help reducing blood pressure in people with newly-diagnosed, untreated high blood pressure.



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