Omicron Variant: 5 Tips to Boost Your Immune System

The corona infection is still present. Getting vaccinated, wearing a mask, staying two yards away, washing your hands regularly, and maintaining a healthy immune system are all still crucial. At the moment, a new variety of corona is wrecking havoc, and in order to escape it, immunity must be maintained to some level. In such case, we'll tell you how to maintain a robust immune system today.

1. Fruits and Diets: Eat vegetarian and sattvic foods to strengthen the immune system. At the same time, consume milk, curd, ghee, butter, honey, mulberry, green leafy vegetables, coconut, candy, kheer, panchamrit, dried fruits, sprouts, mousambi, orange, coconut water, lemon juice, brew, black, apple, etc. You can also eat onions and garlic.

2. Yoga: Include Yoga in your routine. Pranayama and Surya Namaskar are very effective in Yoga.

3. Brew: Also consume trikut kadha as stated by the Ministry of AYUSH in appropriate quantity from time to time. You can also consume tulsi juice, giloy dhanvati, bitter chiraita, ginger, pepper, cloves and honey. In addition, drinking ginger, pepper, ginger and honey in proper quantities along with tulsi also increases immunity.

4. Turmeric Milk or Juice: Add turmeric to milk and drink it at night or add lemon juice and turmeric to lukewarm water.

5. Gargle with salt from time to time, steam. At the same time, exercise and leave the house only when it is very important.

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