Jul 22 2019 07:10 PM

Since its arrival, social media has changed the sphere of internet usage. Today nearly 7 billion internet users are there throughout the world with nearly 7.7 billion accounts on different social media websites that include Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter & many more.
These netizens not only have accounts but on average spent nearly 124 minutes daily on social networking. This means you have a platform where you can promote, sell & aware about your products to billions of your potential customers. Many have started utilizing social websites to promote their websites by diverting the traffic. So it can be said that social media marketing has opened huge opportunities for entrepreneurs or businessmen for advertisement.
Now due to social media, you don’t have to buy a brick & mortar shop to run your business but you can become an e-retailer who can easily sell out his products online but it needs some strategies & technique to maximize reach to your potential customers. So here I have shared 8 ways or techniques through which you can easily accelerate the rate of traffic on your social media postings & leads that can earn sales for you:-


1. Convey message through Visuals: - the foremost important thing you must know about social media is that visuals get the majority of attention compared to those which are text-centric. Even in visuals try to stick to images rather than videos. This is evident from a survey that has highlighted that posts with visual get more than thrice impressions compared to text or video-based posts.
2. Try to have daily postings:- if you will ask the Facebook page owner whose posts are circulating like a bullet, you would find they have learned the art of creating content that is appreciated by their audience well along with they are habitual of many posts daily as it allows them to form a more tight bonding & eventually helps them to higher leads & traffic.
3. Try to deliver original, well- researched & funny content:- I have met with the social media sellers who had lost their potential customers due to posting copied or repetitive posts that have infuriated them. So you must try to be original while promoting your product on social media that post’s content must be original & well-researched. Try to have funny content as it has higher chances of engagement than just a direct promoting one.   
4.  Become an Instagram Expert: - if you ask a tech-savvy in your colleagues about which is the highest growing social media app right now the obvious answer would be “Instagram”. Nearly 80 million photos or videos are shared on Instagram that shows how much potential it has for promotion & traffic generation. Try to increase Instagram followers on your account by using the above-mentioned strategies & if you lag then hire someone to know how to increase followers on Instagram. You can even buy Instagram followers to increase the engagement of your posts. You might also go for Insta auto like apps to enhance the engagement.
5.   Have SMM Panel services:- if you have clients for whom you need to generate traffic & leads for their social media accounts then you have an option of buying SMM panel services where you can manage to increase the number of likes, comments & shares for each post. You can find many cheap SMM panel service providers to minimize your cost of operations.  
Easy2Promo is a leading SMM panel services provider with a reputation of having the cheapest SMM panel offered to its clients. Being Indian SMM panel provider, we help you out in generating better traffic & engagement for your client’s posts to make them more trending on social media. We are proud to be a PayPal SMM panel & Paytm SMM panel company to give better payment option to our clients. 

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