5 ways to identify suicidal Symptoms

These days to changes in the environment, patterns of life, and various other reasons the cases of suicide are increasing. Suicide means taking your own life, is a tragic reaction to stressful life situations, and is all the more tragic because suicide can be prevented. Whether you're considering suicide or know someone who feels suicidal. Here are 5 ways to identify the behavior or early signs of suicide.

Negative change in Behaviour: Changes in the behavior like depression or hopelessness or social isolation, anger, or anxiety. Someone you know who is usually kind may become angry and aggressive. Or, someone who has been sad and struggling with depression may suddenly become calm and seemingly happy and at peace can be a sign of Suicidal symptoms.

Social Isolation:  It is a very common symptom when someone is feeling suicidal may become detached from life in general, from other people, and from typical activities. They may seem emotionally distant from people, whether or not they have isolated themselves socially.  The reason is either they don’t walk to talk or they don’t think that you will understand it.

Unfavorable event: If you find that a person changes because of unfavorable circumstances. A major life crisis might trigger a suicide attempt. Crises include the death of a loved one or pet, the end of a relationship, diagnosis of a major illness, loss of a job,  serious financial problems, career problems, rejections etc.

Early warning and earlier instances: People usually joke that they will die meanwhile some people usually during fight give such statements. As per a report, 50% to 75% of those considering suicide will give someone a friend or relative a warning sign. It may not be an outright threat.

Losing Hope: Some people experience feelings of despair at some point in their lives, but when hopelessness becomes pervasive and all-encompassing, this can put people at risk of suicidal behavior. The feeling of this is not my cup of tea, when your start comparing yourself and questioning yourself. If you feel like you will never be able to cope with an event, situation, or state of mind then it is very serious and it can also cause serious problems.

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