Five-year-old child saves his mother's life with the help of 'toys'

Aug 30 2020 06:29 PM
Five-year-old child saves his mother's life with the help of 'toys'

The intelligence of a five-year-old child has saved his mother's life. This matter has come out from Telford, England. In fact, the mother of this five-year-old child had fallen insensibly. If she was not taken to the hospital at the right time, she could have died or she could have gone into a coma. But because of what the child did, his mother's life has been saved.

Actually, it happened that Josh Chepman was playing the game with his brother. He saw that his mother fell on the ground. Josh, without spending any time, dialed the 112 emergency number in his toy ambulance. He immediately informed the police about this.

The police superintendent has told this time that if there was more time, Josh's mother could have lost her life. After this, the policemen also hailed the five-year-old child. Then the police took his mother to the doctor. On going to the hospital, it was found that he was in diabetic coma. His sugar level had fallen drastically. However, due to the understanding of the child, the mother's life has been saved.

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