500 baraatis attend dog and bitch's wedding, offer gold and silver ornaments
500 baraatis attend dog and bitch's wedding, offer gold and silver ornaments

A unique wedding is taking place in Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh and at the moment this marriage is a topic of discussion. In fact, at Bharua Sumerpur in Hamirpur, on Sunday, the wedding was of the dog-bitch of two saints. It is being said that the saints have become equals of each other by marrying their pets. All the rituals of the baraat were performed with Hindu customs. At the same time, the baraat was taken out with pomp and show, the rituals of Dwarachar, Bhanware, Kalewa were also played. Let us tell you all that in the ravines of Saunkhar and Simnoudi villages is mansar baba shiva temple and the mahant of this temple is Swami Dwarka Das Maharaj.

Yes, and it was he who arranged the marriage of his pet dog Kallu to Bhuri, the pet bitch of Swami Arjun Das Maharaj, mahant of The Bajrangbali Temple in Parchha village of Maudaha area. The wedding was then scheduled for June 5. At the same time, according to the due date, Dwarka Das Maharaj and Arjun Das Mahararaj sent cards to their disciples, well-wishers and requested them to join the marriage ceremony. Here the procession was taken out from Manasar Baba Shiva Temple with gaje-baje. It is being told that the baraat toured the streets of Saunkhar village. The baraat then left for Parchha village in Maudaha area.

Here, Swami Arjun Das Maharaj, Mahant of Bajrangbali Temple, gave a grand welcome to the baraat and after the reception, he completed the rituals of Dwarachar, Offerings, Bhanwars, Kalewa and paid the honour to the baraat with pomp and show. Let us tell you that the dog-bitch was decorated with new clothes and gold and silver ornaments. Here a variety of dishes were prepared for the baraatis and this unique wedding remained the topic of discussion in the whole area. Around 500 people from both sides participated in the baraat. Under the information received in this case, both sides performed all the rituals before the marriage of the dog-bitch. Last week, tilak's ceremony was completed, in which 11 thousand rupees cash was offered.

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