500 corpses in a tomb, the situation in this city is very scary

Washington: The number of deaths in America from the Coronavirus has reached beyond all the data of the world. The most dreadful situation here is in New York where the situation is getting out of control. 18,016 people have died in America, a country called the world's superpower. New York has received frightening pictures because of Corona's havoc. There are more than 500 deaths here every day. Due to which the cemeteries have been filled.

Here bodies are being buried in mass graves. These pictures of New York are becoming increasingly viral on social media. Which has introduced another panic scene in the world. Here the corpses of the corpses are placed on the island of Hart. It is being told that unclaimed dead bodies are being buried here. For this, large tombs are being dug up, where corpses are being buried one by one. It has been learned that earlier, inmates of New York jails used to dig graves only one day a week, but now they are summoning contractors from outside and mass graves are being excavated five days a week.

It is being told that up to 500 corpses have been buried in the same grave here. Local people here have told that coffins are being lowered in deep mass graves by putting stairs here. Although there has been some decrease in the number of deaths in the last 24 hours in the US, the situation is still quite bad.

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