50th farmer train departed

Hyderabad: The Kisan Rail service launched by the Ministry of Railways is considered to be very successful. The first Kisan train from Telangana left the Warangal station on Monday. The Kisan train departed from Warangal station and sent 230 tonnes of turmeric to West Bengal. The train was run with the aim of bringing telangana farmers' products to every corner of the country. Earlier, the farmer's train service was started from Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. Now the Nanded division of South Central Railway has made the 50th farmer train available for Nagarsol station in Maharashtra on Thursday.

Farmer trains are offered to various destinations through south central railway, giving more importance to agriculture. Damara nagarsol station has provided 50 trains to various destinations till today. The first farmer train started on January 5. These trains loaded onions to the east and northeastern states.

The Government of India runs farmer trains to increase the income of farmers. The aim is to provide safe and fast transport ation to the agriculture sector without any difficulty. The first Kisan rail service in the country began on August 7, 2020. The train was diverted from Devlali in Nasik district of Maharashtra to Danpur in Bihar. After this, the second train left Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh.

Kisan Rail Service helps transport the perishable agricultural products such as grains, fruits and vegetables to the destination at a low cost. In addition, it is useful for farmers to get the right rates for their crops. After the results are good, the government has the idea of running such farmer trains across the country so that farmers can get good benefits for their crops.


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