These apps can be tried by TRAI after ban on Camscanner

Jun 30 2020 05:22 PM
These apps can be tried by TRAI after ban on Camscanner

The Indian government has banned 59 Chinese mobile apps. The most popular app cam scanner is available. Everyone will be using this mobile app somewhere. Today, we will tell about some special mobile apps, which you can use as an alternative to cam scanner. Whereas, you may have to spend a little money to use premium features.

Adobe scan
You can use Adobe scan app instead of cam scanner. You will get many features in this app, through which you will be able to scan your required documents. Whereas, you have to create an account to use this app.

Microsoft Office Lens
Microsoft Office Lens is one of the great apps. Through this app you can scan your required documents. You can get the facility to create files in this app. The size of this app depends on different devices.

Google drive
Google Drive app can be used as an alternative to cam scanner. In the Google Drive app, you can scan and keep your important documents. However, in this app you will get slightly less features than other apps.

Clean scan
In the clean scan app, you will find features like cam scanner app. You will be able to create files through this app. You will get the facility to scan documents. This app is best for you. The size of this app is 17 MB.

Scanner App
You can use this American app as an alternative to cam scanners. In this app you can get electronic signature feature, pin protection and basic document editing feature. This app size is 140 MB.

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