6 Best fragrances of candles to make your home smell pleasing

To make your home smell pleasing scented candles are a great 
Candles are a super easy way to make your home smell pleasing and soothing. After a hectic day, the fragrance will make us relaxed and calm. But there is a plethora of fragrances of candles that you can choose from to create the magic in your home. So, here are different fragrances for candles for your home.


Rosemary is not just good for culinary purposes, but it also makes your home smell good. It reduces stress, energises and makes us calm and relaxed. It also improves our concentration.


Apart from its soothing fragrance, lavender is good for sound sleep, calming the nerves, releasing tension, and making us destressed. When you want to impress your guests, then use this fragrance to take the home décor to next level.


Jasmine has a sweet, floral scent that relaxes us, releases tension, and calms us. Apart from candles, it’s also available in oil form. You can use it in diffusers as well.


Vanilla with its sweet scent and calming properties, relaxes our mind and eases stress. And if your guests are the lovers of baked foods, then vanilla is the right choice as it creates baked-goods like smell in the house.

Clary Sage

If you are looking for a very mild scent, then clary sage is perfect for you. It gives a sweeter and softer scent in your rooms that comes with herbal properties.


Cinnamon gives a warm and invigorating effect on the house. So, if you are trying to give some warmth in the house, cinnamon is great.   


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