6 Photographs from History that May Leave You Stun

There are many incidences witnessed in history. Photographs are the best way to remember some of the movement from prior times, rather than books and paintings things captured in photographs will make you feel as you were standing right there during that historic moment. Incidence from history witness many things like daring, spirit, victory from war and much more. 

Photographs  give you sense that you are looking at something real, however, they may misguide you sometimes still photos show more reality than books and paintings 
Watch some of the astonishing images from history. 
1  Harold Whittles

This photograph was captured by Jack Bradley that shows the reaction of  Harold's when he first time hear the sound after doctor gave him an earpiece
2 After effects of Tsunami

This image was clicked by Arko Datta.This image reveals the situation of the aftermath of Tsunami that held in 2004. The Tsunami harmed many people and their families
3 Unexpected falling

This photograph was captured by Stanley Forman in 1975. This image depicts a horrific situation of 19-year-old mum and her child falling from a broken fire escape

4 An Industrial tragedy

India suffered a big tragedy month of December(1984) of the gas leak that harmed many and led to the death of more than 3,700 people.
5 Daughter and father meet again

This image was captured by Helmuth Pirath in 1956, as after the World War II the culprits were allowed to meet their families

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