6 reasons to get out of your comfort zone and start traveling alone

Apr 24 2019 05:38 PM
6 reasons to get out of your comfort zone and start traveling alone

Solo travel is rapidly gaining popularity. The number of people who, for the first time in their lives, tried to go somewhere without friends or relatives, has more than doubled in the past few years. And for good reason: even a short vacation alone helps to develop useful skills that you can use in everyday life.

1. You learn to rely only on yourself

You will become more organized. Nearby there will be no one who takes the laundry for you. You have to either do it yourself or accept the fact that your clothes smell and look worse.

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You will learn how to manage finances. If you do not follow the money, then very soon they will run out of you.

Keep an eye on yourself and your things - only you yourself are responsible for your safety.

2. You begin to experience vivid emotions.

Perhaps you feel more than once helpless and exhausted. You can forget your bag and start seriously thinking about whether to leave everything, go back home and go on a normal family trip.

But along with all the negative emotions, real joy and excitement will roll on you. Ultimately, you will understand that it is not the world around you that causes emotions, but you yourself.

Traveling alone, you will learn to experience the wonderful moments of your life, while maintaining modesty. You will be able to experience feelings fully and begin to understand what actually causes them.

3. You learn to communicate with people

You will meet completely different people and develop social and emotional skills as you go. They can then be used anywhere.

Soon you will learn to have a calm and pleasant conversation with representatives of the bank, even if this conversation is related to the fact that you cannot access your account. With much more eagerness, employees will come to the aid of a balanced person.

Arriving somewhere on the weekend, you can quickly make friends and even relationships. You will be with someone to go to the festival or go to a restaurant in which you have long wanted to go.

You will have the skills to communicate with people who speak other languages. Even if you are not going to seriously study a foreign language, you can always learn its basics. The rest can be achieved with body language , visual cues and patience. You just have to overcome the fear of appearing stupid.

You will pay more attention to body signals that you may inadvertently send. Therefore, you will start working on your posture and learn to approach people so that they are more inclined to talk with you.

4. You make your own route.

As a lone traveler, you will notice how your decisions turn into plans. You do not need to wait for anyone, hurry or postpone the trip simply because someone has decided not to go with you. Now your destiny is in your hands.

5. You realize how small compared with the world

The world is huge. It is not only about physical size, but also the importance of people and their desire to help you. It’s one thing to talk about it, quite another to try it out for yourself.

When you see how huge our planet is and how generous people are on it, you realize all of its greatness.

6. You become more confident

While traveling, you realize how much stronger you have become compared to the moment when you first put the backpack on and closed the door behind you. You found yourself in dynamic, dangerous and even unimaginable situations - and you coped with all this.

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You checked yourself and know what they are capable of. And you know that you can cope with everything that you were so afraid of when you first planned an independent journey.

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