6 stupid things which indicate that you are liking someone

Love is one of the most amazing feeling in the world. When one falls in love he starts living more and enjoying life to the fullest. One interesting thing about the love that sometimes you don’t know whether your are in love or not. So today we bring you few things which indicate that you are in love.

Dressing to Impress

When you know you are going to see your crush, you spend most of your time picking the best outfit. You wish to look perfect.


You constantly stalk his social media accounts. Checking his Facebook every single day to see if his relationship status changed and see if you can find some new information about him.

Constantly checking your phone

When you are lost in love, you constantly check your phone to see if your crush has replied to you. You read their messages over and over again and wish for the conversation to never end.

Weird imaginations

You start imagining yourself in situations which would never happen but it makes you happy. Creating scenarios is just another way to end your day on a lovely note.

Mentioning him in every conversation

All your conversations begin and end with him. You constantly drool about how he smiled at you and the way he noticed you.

Forcing yourself to have similar interests

When you know your crush likes something, you start forcing yourself to like the same thing. For instance, if your crush is obsessed with a TV show you begin watching the same show to have a common topic to talk about. 

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