6 tips for girls who can't reach orgasm

Apr 24 2019 08:38 PM
6 tips for girls who can't reach orgasm

1. Consult a doctor

The struggle for an orgasm should start with a visit to the doctor: anorgasmia may have medical roots. These are diseases of various kinds, mainly neurological, and problems regarding gynecology, such as dryness or age-related changes of the vagina.

A general psychological state can be a barrier to bliss. Depression, depression or irritability will not let you relax in bed. We will not even talk about drugs and alcohol abuse. It may seem that a couple of glasses before sex calms the nerves and helps relieve tension, but if there are problems with reaching orgasm, alcohol should be replaced with herbal tea.

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2. Masturbate more often.

Masturbation is the perfect way to know the needs of the body on the way to orgasm.

In general, it does not matter what technique you use during masturbation. There is only one meaning: direct or indirect stimulation of the clitoris leads to the orgasm of most women. Of the many options, there are five techniques for working with the clitoris:

  • diagonal movements;
  • circular motions;
  • movement up and down one side;
  • movement left and right;
  • movements describing the eight around the clitoris.

For a start, you can simply explore the area of ​​the clitoris in a circular motion.

What to do if you reach orgasm alone with yourself, but it does not work with a partner? Pay attention to the movement during masturbation. What techniques work? How does the body respond to the fingers work, and what is there no response to?

3. Use a vibrator

On the way to orgasm, all means are good, including sex toys.

Vibrator will facilitate the work of your fingers. In fairness it should be noted, this tool is not for everyone. Some do not like the purely mechanical effect of the vibrator. In any case, it is worth trying to figure out the reaction of your body. In the end, it’s not just the sex toyindustry that makes billions in profits.

4. Reduce expectations

It's a shame when expectations and reality do not match . Therefore, it is better not to inspire yourself in advance that masturbation will immediately give indescribable pleasure - something that will leave you in a minute. Be realistic and take masturbation as an educational process.

If the usual manual stimulation for you is boring, try to dilute it with watching porn, reading erotic literature and other means of exciting a fantasy.

Keeping up your expectations is also important so that finally the come orgasm will not disappoint you in any way. Orgasm in different women takes different forms. Someone really feels the compression of the pelvic floor muscles, someone is experiencing a slight tremor, or simply understands that "it became good."

Do not tune in to the extravaganza, so as not to miss the onset of real orgasm When you just study the body, the first orgasms may not be particularly bright. Later you will learn to listen to yourself, and the sensations will change.

5. Know your fears

Many do not get an orgasm just because they can not cross the internal barriers. For example, someone is totally opposed to masturbation. And someone confuses the word "pornography" or "erotica."

Think of your complexes. Why is this or that concept causing you fear, guilt, or shame? Perhaps you are ashamed to touch yourself or feel awkward when your partner touches you. Perfectionism, by the way, also makes it difficult to relax and have fun in bed. Unshaven legs or loose makeup - a loving person will not pay attention to such trifles.

6. Teach your partner to love you

If you can get an orgasm during masturbation, and with a partner does not come to this, work with him. Most likely you:

  • did not show your partner what you like;
  • don't give your partner the opportunity to focus on you.

Tell or even show what you like, what movements and caresses.

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Having your own needs is absolutely normal. But many people think that asking for attention is somehow wrong. In the end, you met in bed to have fun, so why not let your partner do you well?

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