Wear dress according to your body shape, know these 6 types

Sep 20 2019 05:14 PM
Wear dress according to your body shape, know these 6 types

Fashion is not just what is in trend. Fashion is changing every day and new things are seen. Nowadays, palazzos and trousers are in trend. This is an outfit that not only gets comfortable but also adds personality to the moon. Along with this, there are some trousers which make girls' style even better.

Clothes should always be worn by those who suit your body. With this, you look comfortable and also look good. If you read the survey related to body shape, then you will find that there are usually 6 types of body of girls. Let's know about it.

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Slender Body Shape
Are you one of those people who does not gain weight by one milligram after eating anything? If yes, then tell that such a body is called Slender Body Shape. Such girls are very thin. Such girls should wear wide-legged pants i.e. pants or trousers whose legs are very wide. You should wear pants between your waist.

Short height girls
If you are a thin skinny girl of short height, then you should wear bottom wear. Flared jeans (keep them long) are the best for such girls, cropped or straight-legged. Apart from this, you can also make long length trousers for yourself from Taylor.

Flat bump
Personality looks as good as in a heavy bump in jeans or trousers. Some girls have the body right from everywhere but the bumps are flat. Such girls should try High West trousers.

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Apple Body Shape
If the middle part of your body i.e. waist and hips are heavy, then you should wear trousers to make your waist look thinner. In such a situation, you must carry a belt with high-waist trousers. This will be seen in your body shape.

Plus size girl
Girls who are of plus size or chewy should wear narrow and skinny trousers. This makes you look slim and slim to a great extent. If you want to carry heels with trousers, you can.

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