6-year-old boy found dead, police arrested father

Aug 10 2019 05:31 PM
6-year-old boy found dead, police arrested father

Agra: A sensation broke out in Agra district of Uttar Pradesh when the corpse of a 6-year-old innocent was found in an under-construction shop near his home. Police rushed to the spot after the incident was reported and launched an investigation into the murder. Police have detained the father of the innocent on suspicion of murder. In fact, Rishi, son of Amit, a resident of Mahadev Nagar under Thana Sadar, used to go to school with his grandmother every day.

This morning the child left home for school with his father. The father then returned home but the child had not reached school. Other members of the house reported the matter to the police, after which an investigation was launched, and the bloodied corpse of the child was found behind an under-construction shop. According to information, the mental balance of the father of the deceased is not good.

Police said the child was brutally murdered with a sharp weapon. His throat, chest, and hands were stabbed. The bag was hung on the child's back. Police have arrested the father of the child on suspicion of killing the child. Police are still questioning the accused.

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