6 zodiac signs behavior when they're unhappy with their partner

Dec 06 2020 03:15 PM
6 zodiac signs behavior when they're unhappy with their partner

It can be tragic to come to a realization that your partner is no longer happy in the relationship. In a relationship, it's important to stay happy but something we take for granted. While it may feel scary at the same time because of the uncertainty of what beholds. Here are some zodiac signs who change their behaviour with there partner if not happy together. 

1. Libra ruled by the planet of love, Libras are romantics at heart but they also happen to be workaholics. They might have a hard time telling you they’re unhappy, but it will show up in their actions.  

2. Scorpio is one of the most intense signs of the zodiac. They will become less intimate and less emotionally involved. Basically, they won’t be able to carry it for too long if they are not happy. 

3. Aquarius once becomes discontent, they start doing their own thing without caring much about the bond. And the worst part is they might not even realize what they are doing can be unbearable for their partner. 

4. Capricorns like to have control over everything they do in life. So, they might try to manipulate the situation for the relationship to work out. 

5. Pisces when is unhappy, get very uncomfortable, which might lead to the feeling of insatiable desire to escape. So, they might start spending more time alone or act distant.  

6. Sagittarians wear their emotions on their sleeves, so they become irritable and passive-aggressive, or you might see them being more independent. 

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