60 snakes rescued from home in UP's Muzaffarnagar

If even a snake comes out in someone's house, then there is an outcry and everyone's breath stops. However, 60 snakes came out at the same place in a house in Khatauli Nagar. You must have been shocked to hear this, but it is true, not only this but along with this 75 shells of snake eggs have also been found here. Seeing this frightening and astonishing scene, the people of the area are horrified and the ground has slipped under their feet. At the same time, snakes were caught by calling the snake charmer and the people of the neighbourhood are also in panic due to the snakes coming out.

Ranjit Singh, a resident of Kadli village in Ashok Vihar Awas Vikas Colony, has house number E-218. And they rented the house to Nareshpal. On May 8, Nareshpal's wife noticed snakes roaming near the washing machine and after that, some more snakes were seen. He told this to the landlord and vacated the house. After that, in search of the snakes, on Wednesday, the workers were stripped of the bathroom and toilet floors, and under it, about 60 snakes and 75 shells of their eggs came out. During this time, seeing the snakes in the house, the residents of the colony were shocked and as soon as they saw it, there was a crowd.

Here the snake charmer was called to catch the snakes and the snake charmer caught the snakes with great effort and took them with them in bottles. According to the information received, the chairman of Ashok Vihar Colony Committee of Khatauli, Sudheesh Pundir, Chandrakant, Avnish Kumar, Rahul, Sanjay Chauhan, Rakesh Sharma, Deshraj and Sandeep etc. say that the officers of the UP Housing Development Council maintain cleanliness and drainage in the colony. Ignore the arrangement. And several times complaint was made to Junior Engineer Sunil Kumar, but the hearing is not happening. Because of the dirt, snakes entered the house and breeding from them became Sarpalok.

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