64-year-old demand this dirty thing, says 'I will give 4.5 lakh rupees ...'
64-year-old demand this dirty thing, says 'I will give 4.5 lakh rupees ...'

HYDERABAD: In a shocking case, the desire of son in old age has sent an old man to jail. In this case, the police have entered into an agreement with a woman for giving birth to a child through surrogacy and later detained an older man who was pressurizing her to have a physical relationship with him. According to the information received in this case, 'Sorappa Raju (64) living in Dhritvara apartment located in Somajiguda of the city has three daughters. In the desire for a son, Surappa got acquainted with a woman (22) from a local Pachomma colony through a woman named Mediator Noor. The woman, struggling with financial problems, agreed to give birth to Surappa Raju's son through surrogacy.

In this case, the victim told that, 'Sorappa entered into an agreement with the woman on December 24 to pay 4.5 lakh rupees for surrogacy and Rs 10,000 every month as an expenditure after becoming pregnant. After that, Surappa Raju took the woman to the hospital and got her necessary tests done there. Then Surappa took the woman from her car to the Birla temple and after seeing Lord Balaji there, she told the woman that if she would give birth to her child then he would give 4.5 lak rupee and additional 50 thousand rupees.

In this case, the woman said that Surappa had been threatening her to have a physical relationship with her over the phone for the last one week and, being upset with that, she told this to her husband and on Wednesday night, the husband and wife reached the Panjagutta police station. The accused in this case has been taken into custody and sent on remand.

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