7 best poses for lazy sex

Jun 13 2019 05:45 PM
7 best poses for lazy sex

If in the morning or after a hard day you want to have fun, but without strain yourself, then these poses will become really fun.

1. Missionary position

Good old classics: you do not need to invent anything and make extra somersaults. Partner except that you can change the position of the legs, to more stimulate the clitoris. An additional advantage is one of those postures where both feel as close to each other as possible.

2. Spoons

The pose, in which many couples love to sleep, is ideal for relaxed sex. There is no need to put special effort into him or her. And in this position, it is convenient to caress the clitoris. Perfect.

3. Face to face

If the previous posture seems to be not intimate enough for you, it’s enough for a girl to turn to the partner To find a comfortable angle of penetration, she can throw a foot on him or place a pillow under her hips. Whisper pleasant (or dirty) words in each other’s ear and get maximum pleasure.

4. Missionary posture with legs up

This variation of the missionary position, in which the girl throws one or both legs on the shoulders of a man, is suitable for deep penetration. After all, even if you are tired, this does not mean that you have to sacrifice intensity. However, the position is still quite relaxed. At least for a partner.

5. Cross

A variant of an unusual pose for lazy sex: a man lies on his side, a girl lies on his back, perpendicular to him. In addition to novelty, the position allows you to look into each other's eyes and exchange caresses. It would not be superfluous to use a sex toy, for example, for clitoral stimulation.

6. rider sitting

The position of the woman on top, in which the partner sits, leaning on the back of the bed, sofa or wall, still leaves control over her but allows you not to make wild jumps and relax a bit - for example, leaning back on the bent knees of a man. He, by the way, especially will not have to strain himself.

7. 69 on the side

For lovers of simultaneous oral sex, here is a lazy version of the pose 69 - on the side. In this position, both feel more comfortable. Want more sensations? Use sex toys. They can even simplify the process.

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