7 best poses for sex in the car

Jun 10 2019 03:26 PM
7 best poses for sex in the car

In the car, sex can be carried out not only a missionary but other known positions. You just need to take the right position - and everything will turn out.

1. Reverse rider

This position can be performed in the back seat if you recline the back of the passenger seat. Both partners can use this chair as a support - it will be more convenient.


While the woman controls the whole process, the man gets pleasure.

2. Sitting

A pose similar to the previous one, but more compact. Better to do it in the backseat.


The advantages of the previous position, plus more opportunities for extra caresses.

3. The Cradle

In the classic version of a man sitting in a lotus position, a woman is on top and wraps his legs. If you abandon the intricacies of the lower extremities, then this position can be easily repeated in the car.


"Cradle" - an intimate and sensual pose, ideal for slow sex. If you are not in a hurry, it is quite possible to include it in your sexual marathon and alternate with more active positions.

4. rider

The position "Woman on top" is quite simple to perform in the back seat. If you tie your partner with a seat belt, it will become even more interesting.


Total control for her, rest and a beautiful view - for him.

5. Spoons

Another pose that is easy to implement in the back seat.


Enough relaxed and comfortable position for both partners. Moreover, in this position, there is less chance of being seen.

6. King of the road

Blowjob driver - unfading classic. The main thing - be careful: to do this on the road just do not need. Well, take care of your head.


The name speaks for itself: the partner really feels like the king of the road.

7. Doggy Style

This position can be performed not only in the back but also in the front seat if you tilt the seat to the back.


Deep penetration, an opportunity for additional stimulation and, of course, unbridled passion.

Before starting a test drive of these poses, make sure that the car is turned off exactly, otherwise, the adventure will not be a pleasant one. Also, if possible, lay a clean towel or blanket on the seat: nobody needs extra germs. And do not forget to find a secluded corner, if you do not want to be interrupted at the most interesting place.

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