7 good habits that will improve the quality of your sex

May 28 2019 04:57 PM
7 good habits that will improve the quality of your sex

When we say that sex is an important part of life, it is important to remember that our lifestyle also has a significant impact on what happens in the bedroom. You can talk about communication for a long time , but negotiating with your own body is much more difficult if you do not save yourself and manage to start up your health. Here are a few changes (including ridiculously simple) that, among other things, will help you get maximum pleasure from intimacy.

1. Drink moderately

I will not surprise anyone by saying that alcohol relaxes the mind, unleashes the tongue and spreads the legs, but here it is important not to overdo it . Of course, you shouldn't get drunk to the state of intractable, targeted vomiting, regardless of whether you are planning sex; I'm talking about something else.

A good dose of alcohol in the blood (on average in the hospital: if coordination is noticeably impaired - you are already there) adversely affects erections (harder to achieve, harder to keep), slows the release of vaginal lubrication and reduces sensitivity for both sexes. It will be harder to achieve orgasm , if he deigns to appear at all.

The explanation here is simple: alcohol is a depressant, and, figuratively speaking, it prevents your central nervous system and genitals from reaching an agreement.

2. Straighten your back

This video explains very well how body position affects your psychological state.

Try not to slouch. A bent posture increases cortisol levels (stress hormone) and lowers testosterone levels (a lot of hormones, in particular, affects the libido of both sexes, sperm formation, erection, and blood flow to the clitoris). So, if you were looking for an extra reason to sit up and straighten your shoulders , consider that here it is.

3. Get fit

No, I'm not saying that everyone needs to be thin. I'm not thin. Just the combination of "a lot of fat + very little physical activity" spoils all areas of your life, sex - not least. If you ever had a shortness of breath and pain in your abdominal muscles in the middle of a night of love (for example, in the missionary position for men) or legs (in the pose of a rider), it is time to change something .

Obesity adversely affects the condition and vascular permeability, which means that blood flow to the penis will be difficult (read: an erection can be a problem), not to mention the psychological aspect - if you are unhappy with your body, it will be more difficult to enjoy anything, including intimacy (see clause 7).

4. Feet warm

Grandma was right. A study conducted in the UK a few years ago demonstrated an amazing connection between the likelihood of an orgasm for a woman and the warm toes on her legs. The ladies, whose feet were warm, ended up on average 80% of cases , and their bare counterparts — only 50%.

Additional studies to find out the cause of this relationship have not been carried out, but there are theories that it is a matter of feeling physical and psychological comfort. To believe in it is generally not difficult: any sexologist will tell you that relaxation and a sense of security are the most important conditions for the pleasure of a woman in bed.

5. Quit finally smoking

Among men with erectile dysfunction, smokers (including the former) are twice as many as those who have never had such a habit. Here, too, the case in the vessels - they are narrowing, and these changes can become permanent. This is not to mention the other effects of smoking, so there are reasons, of course, not only for men.

6. Masturbate without fanaticism.

In American sexology there is the concept of death grip . This is when a man during masturbation clings to his penis, like the last bottle of his favorite beer, which is about to be removed from production.

Many men are accustomed to bring themselves to a climax so. This is a kind of “quick orgasm formula,” and it’s not bad by itself, but it can make it difficult to enjoy in other ways. The vagina (even with very well-trained muscles) or the woman’s mouth simply cannot repeat this trick .

There are many ways to handle this. You can gradually reduce the pressure. You can try new technology. You can simply do without orgasms for a while and watch the body react to a softer touch after the break.

It is difficult, of course, but all men of postpubertal age know that an erection is a recoverable resource and that to miss a couple without an indispensable ejaculation at the end will not cause any harm to your body.

7. Make friends with your body

This is more about women, although not only about them. If during sex you think about how your breasts look in this position and how to bend so that the folds on your stomach are not visible, you can forget about orgasm. If your partner is a god of sex in the flesh, if you psychologically detach yourself from your body and are not ready (read: consider that you have no right) to have fun, nothing will come of it .

Complexes are terrible enemies of your sexuality. These are small gremlins that will slow you down (“don't do this, what will he think?”), Prevent you from loosening up (“you are too fat / skinny / scary”), throw stupid, nasty, fantasies does not want you ").

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