Donating these 7 things during Pitra Paksha gives financial benefits

Sep 11 2020 10:02 AM
Donating these 7 things during Pitra Paksha gives financial benefits

Pitru Paksha is going on. It is the Navami of Pitru Paksha and it is called Matra Navami. It is said that on the days of Pitru Paksha, by donating things a person can become rich. Today we are going to tell you about the donations.

Black sesame - Black sesame is the most important thing about Shraddha Paksha. By donating black sesame seeds during Shraddha Paksha, it is received directly by the fathers, and by doing this, the ancestors get happy and bless the whole family.

Donation of land - It is said that the donation of land is the biggest donation during Shraddh. By donating land, one gets freedom from unintentional sins.

Silver - It is said that forefathers love items made of silver, because of this it is best to donate items made of silver to the ancestors.

Clothing - Donating clothes to your ancestors also brings great benefits. In fact, people who donate clothes get all kinds of happiness in life.

Jaggery and salt - Donating jaggery and salt during Shraddha Paksha are considered beneficial.

Donation of footwear - Donating footwear is beneficial for the peace of the ancestors' soul.

Umbrella and Gamchha- Donating umbrella bring happiness in the family and makes ancestors happy.

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