7 things you need to know about sex in water

Jun 09 2019 04:30 PM
7 things you need to know about sex in water

Before planning a stormy evening in the Jacuzzi, check out this list. Especially if you are a woman. Most likely, the desire will disappear completely.

1. Can damage the vaginal mucosa

The mucus protects the vagina from bacteria and injuries. But hot water, especially in a hot tub, can break this barrier. So it becomes very easy to earn irritation, to make friends with harmful microorganisms - too.

2. Sex can be uncomfortable

Due to the fact that natural lubrication is washed off, feelings during sex range from not very pleasant to painful. Lubricants come to the rescue, but they, too, under the long-term effects of water and the chemicals contained in it, stop working.

3. Can get a vaginal infection

Chlorinated water changes the pH of the vagina, causing thrush and bacterial infections. If you are already prone to such diseases, having sex in a pool or bath is definitely not worth it.

4. The risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases increases.

The mistake is to think that chlorinated water will somehow protect against STIs. Everything is exactly the opposite.

Water - poor lubrication, because of it, microcracks can form in the vagina, which increase the chances of contracting herpes or HIV.

In this sense, sex in water without a condom is especially dangerous.

5. The act of love can end with a rash.

A long stay in the hot tub threatens with pseudomonad folliculitis, which is caused by the bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa. It looks like a profuse acne rash and is accompanied by severe itching.

The good news is that folliculitis will take place in a week. But if you are so mad that, having become infected, continue the water pleasures, get ready to itch for a whole month.

6. Chances of getting pregnant in the bath are the same as in a bed

On the one hand, sperm, just floating in the water, is not capable of fertilization. On the other hand, at the time of penetration, water does not interfere with getting pregnant. So there is another good reason to protect yourself in a bath or pool.

7. Sex in the soul is also dangerous.

Making love in the shower is more hygienic than in a hot bath. But also more traumatic. If you decide on this experience, use only very stable positions. Otherwise, you can break something.


Sex in the water seems exciting, but in fact fraught with serious risks. This is especially true of sex in the hot tub. But if there is no way back, you should at least take care of contraception. And hope for the best.

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