7 Tips for during Janmashtami fasting will help you stay energized throughout the day

Sep 02 2018 07:32 PM
7 Tips for during Janmashtami fasting will help you stay energized throughout the day

Devotees of Lord Shri Krishna have started preparations for Janmashtami. This time Janmashtami is being celebrated on 3rd September in entire India. On this day people worship Lord Krishna with complete faith and faith. Some people do fast on this day but do not be afraid that you forget your health only during the fasting period. It is important, therefore, that you also take special care of your health while fasting. For this, you take a healthy diet and drink continuously. Let us know what to eat in the fast and who should not keep this fast.

1. Add healthy food to the diet one day before keeping the fast which will make your stomach work right. If you eat oily or heavy food then you may have trouble on the day of fasting. Therefore, one should avoid eating out of the day before fasting.

2. Consume lemonade, coconut water, green tea and buttermilk from time to time. It will fulfil the water shortage in your body and you will not feel tired.

3. If you are trying to eat something sweet during the fast, you can eat jaggery and honey. By doing this, your wishes to eat your sweet will also be fulfilled.

4. During the fast, drink plenty of water all day, doing so keeps your body healthy. You stay active all day and you have the ability to work.

5. Take the nutrients in the diet that is full of oxidants, folate, beta-carotene, vitamin C and other nutrients. They get energy from them. You can work without any weakness throughout the day.

6. If you wish, you can eat the food made of milk during the fast. It gives you instant energy and it is also good for your stomach.

7. Often people use fried things while opening fast, should avoid doing this because they directly affect your digestive tract. The fast should always be opened by taking light things.

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