Here is Seven Wonders of the World recreated in Kolkata's Eco Park

Seven wonders have been included all over our world, and everyone wants to see them. However, because these seven wonders are located in various nations throughout the world, not everyone can visit them. However, now we will tell you about a park built in Kolkata that meets these criteria. If you can view these seven marvels all at once without having to go to separate countries, let us know about them in Kolkata.

1- In this park in Kolkata you will see the Pyramids of Egypt, you will no longer have to go to Egypt to see them, but you can see the Egyptian pyramids in this park in Kolkata.

2- In this park in Kolkata, you can see the natural natural natural scenery of the Amphitheater building amidst colourful lights,

3- Here you can also see the statues of the Easter islands of Chile,

4- The Christ the Redeemer in this park has also been built in a different way,

5- Now you don't have to go to China to see the Wall of China, but you can see this Kolkata park, the Great Wall of China, so you don't have to walk 4160 miles.

6- The park also has beautiful and historic buildings of Petra Jordan that you can see with a lot of lights.

7- You don't have to go to Agra to see the beauty of Taj Mahal You can also see the beauty of taj mahal here.

8- You can also see the Eiffel Towerincluded in the seven wonders here.

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