7-year-old son accidentally shot his mother

Jul 11 2019 05:30 PM
7-year-old son accidentally shot his mother

A 39-year-old woman in western Mongolia was accidentally shot dead by her seven-year-old son, killing the woman. Police said the incident took place in Govi-Altai province on Tuesday. According to a report by the news agency Xinhua, investigators believe the boy accidentally shot his mother. Police said the five-year-old sister of the child was also seriously injured in the incident. Police say the investigation is still going on. Police urged people to keep guns out of children's reach.

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According to sources, about 47 thousand guns are registered in Mongolia in the name of civilians that they use for hunting. Earlier in a similar case, a US Hartford court had sentenced a woman to four years in prison for taking her 15-year-old son to school. A 2017 survey revealed that nearly 40 %of people in the US have guns.

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