71 lakh salaried people killed by corona, know how

New Delhi: The havoc of the corona epidemic is breaking all over the world. In India too, it has caused a lot of havoc. The country's economy has also collapsed badly due to the corona epidemic. About 6.5 percent of accounts were closed between April and December 2020 due to corona. More than 71 lakh PF accounts have been closed as per EPFO. Which shows how job professionals have been unemployed due to corona.

According to EPFO, there was a severe job loss in the country due to the lockdown last year. This has caused the most troublesome to salary class people. As per government data, the total number of PF account closures has crossed 70 lakh. It may be noted that before 2020, EPFO had about 6 crore registered accounts. Of these, there are over 66.7 lakh accounts added in 2019-20. But only in the Corona period, 6.5 percent of accounts have been closed.

In the crisis period of the corona epidemic, only people's PF accounts were not closed. During this period, about 33 percent of the people withdrew funds from their PF. There were a large number of people who were trying to withdraw money from the PF fund.

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