75% of questions in language and mathematics compulsory to be solved in schools

Jul 22 2018 11:55 AM
75% of questions in language and mathematics compulsory to be solved in schools

On the instructions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the report of the weak performance of the students in languages and maths in schools across the country, the government has prepared a blueprint for improvement in school education. It has been named Transformation of Aspirational District, under which work will be done in eight districts of 100 districts of the 28 states for improvement in Class I to Class X from August. The special thing is that the students of Class III, Class VIII and Class X will now have to solve 75% of the questions. Center has prepared reforms in 100 districts of 28 states,

According to a senior official of the government, according to the Learning Outcome in the third, fifth and eighth grade, there will be a focus on improvement in language and mathematics subject. In both the above-mentioned subjects, it will be necessary for the students to answer 75 per cent of the questions in the Learning Outcome Exam. Special training will also be provided to the teachers on the basis of the results of the exam. Attendance of teachers and students will be provided 100%. 

The books will be provided within 30 days of the beginning of the session. In India, the literacy rate of daughters is only 59.3 per cent, which is to reach 100 per cent. After the eighth grade, most students leave studies. D.C., District Council, CEO, a retired teacher and NSS workers will be responsible for connecting daughters to school. Ministry of Human Resource Development, Policy Commission, Panchayati Raj and Rural Development Ministry will work together in the plan.

No school can directly enrol after fifth and eighth, but it will be necessary to take the examination. In all schools, students of third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth-grade students will have to participate in National Assessment Examination of NCERT. 

Schools need to provide extra coaching while identifying weak students in studies. The District Education Officer will be supervised by the State Government and the State Government will monitor them, while NCERT will appoint nodal officers in all the states across the country and monitor the change in teaching under the Learning Outcome and coaching etc. to the teachers.

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