Grandma planted so many trees that the scene of the village changed completely!

By the way, it is absolutely true that for every child, their grandmother are no less than any superhero. Then whether it is their own grandmother or an elderly woman of the area, whom all lovingly call Amma. The contribution of the same grannies cannot be underestimated in any way.

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From telling the same new and exciting stories to making delicious dishes, grannies perform every task well. And even today we are going to tell you about one such great grandmother, who alone changed the area completely by planting more than 500 trees.

According to information today where the world is facing a crisis due to climate change, while dwelling grandmother Prabhadevi in a village in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand has grown even more tree planting a new forest of 500 and is playing an important role in fighting the crisis of climate change. She may not know words like climate change, but she knows that saving her nature is a priority for every human being today. 

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Whenever Grandma gets time, she plants trees. Her house is completely surrounded by fruit-trees. According to the information, the grandmother also has a 25-year-old grandson, whose name is Atul Somwal. He says that he lives in Dehradun, away from his grandmother for the last few years due to his job, but his childhood was spent with his grandmother in the village itself.

According to Atul, he never saw his grandmother sitting empty, she always keeps doing something and keeps herself busy. Dadi wakes up today at five in the morning despite being 76 years old.  The tree plant planted by his grandmother is completely protecting Dehradun today, this also gives us the tip that we should take care of our environment.

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