8 people were injured in a shooting on a bus carrying Jewish worshipers in Jerusalem

Israel: Israel police on Sunday announced the arrest of a suspect in an attack on a bus in Jerusalem's Old City that injured eight people, including a pregnant woman and two people in critical condition.

In the hours following the attack, which took place not far from the Western Wall, the holiest prayer site for Jews, police spokesman Kan Eli Levy said on public radio, "The terrorist is in our hands."
According to bus driver Daniil Kanievsky, in the early hours of the attack on the Tomb of David bus stop, the shooter opened fire on a public transport bus and people standing outside.

I had just left the western wall. He later told reporters in front of his bullet-ridden car that "the bus was full of passengers." I stopped at the Tomb of David station. During this the shooting started. I have seen two people falling outside, and two people bleeding inside. Everyone froze in fear.

According to Israeli hospitals caring for the victims, two of the victims, including a pregnant woman with abdominal injuries and a man with bullet wounds to the head and neck, are in critical condition.

Described as a "terrorist attack in the Old City", the incident was reported by Israel's emergency medical services, Magan David Adom (MDA).
Its doctors said in a statement, "We got to the scene very quickly. We saw a passenger bus in the middle of Male Hashalom Street. Two men in their 30s with gunshot wounds were on the bus when passersby hit the bus. called for help.

Before police raised the number of injured to eight, MDA spokesman Zaki Heller initially said that six men and one woman were injured, all seven were "fully conscious".

A pregnant woman injured was also the mother of a child born after the attack, according to a spokesman for Sharei Tsedek Hospital.

He said, “She is still intubated and in critical condition. The condition of the newborn is critical but stable and has just been delivered.

Israeli police had earlier claimed that investigators had been sent to the scene. Chasing the alleged attacker, Israeli security forces also advanced into the nearby Palestinian neighborhood of Sylvan.
The attacker fled the scene in Jerusalem's Old City, which is one of the areas where Palestinians want a state and has holy sites for Jews, Muslims and Christians. Israel claims that all of Jerusalem is its capital, a claim that is not accepted by other countries.

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid announced in a statement that Israeli security forces would "restore peace" and said Jerusalem is their capital and a popular tourist destination for all religions.

After a tense week between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, the attack in Jerusalem took place.

Three days of intense border fighting broke out last weekend after Israeli planes launched an offensive in the Gaza Strip against the terrorist organization Islamic Jihad. During the flare-up, Islamic Jihad launched hundreds of rockets in retaliation for air strikes that claimed the lives of two of its commanders and other militants.

In response to the group's threats to retaliate for the arrest of one of its officers in the occupied West Bank, Israel claimed the attack had been launched.

The fighting ended with an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire, in which 49 Palestinians were killed—including 17 children and 14 terrorists—and several others were wounded. Israel suffered no deaths or serious injuries.

Gaza-based Islamist terrorist organization Hamas remained absent.

Three Palestinian militants were killed in a shootout during an arrest raid in the West Bank city of Nablus and dozens more were wounded a day after the ceasefire ended the worst round of fighting in Gaza in more than a day.

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