9 accused including gangster Kuntu imprisoned for 10 years, court also imposed fine of 50 thousand

Lucknow: A bench of gangster court number 6 Ramanand Yadav of Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, on Thursday sentenced nine members of his gang, including mafia kingpin Dhruv Singh Kuntu, to ten years' jail under the Gangster Act and a fine of 50 50 thousand. The court's decision has stirred the mafia. Let us tell you that in the year 2010, a resident of the Jeyanpur Kotwali area, contractor Damru Singh was murdered. In this case, a case was registered against 11 accused including Mafia don Dhruv Singh Kuntu of Jianpur, Girdhari Vishwakarma, resident of Cholapur in Varanasi, Ajit Singh, resident of Mohammadabad in Mau district, Sanjay Yadav of Jahanaganj.

The police took action against Kuntu and Girdhari as well as Balikaran, Munna, Rajendra Yadav, Shiv Prakash, Mohar Singh, Yogesh, Ramnarayan alias Rinku Singh, Shivesh under the Gangster Act. After completing the investigation of the gangster, the charge sheet was presented in the court. The case was going on in court number 6 of Ramanand Yadav. After completing the hearing on Wednesday, the court convicted nine members of the gang, including Kuntu. The date of sentencing was fixed for Thursday. While delivering the verdict on Thursday, the court sentenced all the accused to ten years imprisonment and imposed a fine of Rs 50,000.

In this case, two companions of Kutoon Ajit Singh have been murdered. While Kanhaiya Vishwakarma has been killed in the encounter, the other accused including Air Kuntu is behind bars.

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