9 members of Christian family adopt Hinduism, became fathers 40 years ago Christian

Bangalore: Nine members of a Christian family have returned home in the presence of 'Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP)' workers in Antargange village of Bhadravati in Karnataka and converted to Hinduism. All these 9 people are members of the same family. Jayashilan, 55, said he was originally from Tamil Nadu, but his ancestors settled in Bhadravati in Karnataka 7 decades ago. Taylor Jayashilan by profession said his father Elumalai was a daily wage labourer. They used to work as labourers in a mine.

The mine supplied raw metal (Ore) to Visvesvaraya Iron and Steel Limited (VISL). His father converted to Christianity 40 years ago, but now the family has decided to return to Hinduism. He returned home to Hinduism on Sunday (December 26, 2021). Jayashilan says he was born only when his father did not convert to Christianity.  He has converted to Hinduism since childhood and has now formally entered Hinduism.

Jayashilan said, 'My father had recorded the names of my two sons as Christian in government records. But, 10 years ago, my father passed away and from then on, we started following Hinduism. However, we have not yet found a platform through which we can return home to Hinduism. That is why I contacted my friends of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) in Bhadravati. Bhadravati VHP leader H Rampa was present on the occasion.

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