9-year-old child dies after cracker burst in a steel glass

Oct 31 2020 09:33 AM
9-year-old child dies after cracker burst in a steel glass

New Delhi: A nine-year-old boy has died after a firecracker burst in Alipur area of Delhi. In this case, the child burnt the firecracker and placed it in a steel glass. Police has given information in connection with this incident on Friday. Police said that the nine-year-old Prince was studying in the second grade.

Police said that while playing the child burnt the firecracker and kept it in steel glass. As soon as the cracker burst, a part of the glass pierced into the Prince's body, which led to his death. During preliminary investigation, the police found that Prince had cracked firecrackers from the firecrackers being run by children at the Ramlila site. Prince's family has accused the shops of the locality of illegally selling firecrackers.

Only five shops have a license to sell firecrackers in the accident area, yet the illegal trade of firecrackers at shops is going on indiscriminately. While only green firecrackers have been allowed to sell as per the court order, even then people are not following this rule and selling firecrackers illegally.

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