Rs 90, 155, 360.., Farmers got this compensation in PM Fasal Bima Yojana

Akola: Due to excess rainfall in Maharashtra's Akola during the Kharif season, many other crops including soybean, and Tur pulse have suffered heavy losses. Farmers pay premiums to the insurance company to get the right compensation for their crops. Now when the farmers are applying for compensation after the crop is destroyed, they are being given less than the premium. Recently, such an incident came to light, in which after conducting a government survey of crops, the insurance company paid only Rs 90 compensation to farmer Mahesh, who had paid more than 800 premiums, while according to government estimates, he should have gotten about Rs 11,000. Apart from Mahesh, there are many other such aggrieved farmers. One farmer got Rs 155 and some got Rs 360 compensation. However, these farmers have refused to take this money. 

Farmer Prabhakar Ghogre lives in Takli village of Akola. He had planted Tur crop on 2 acres. He also got crop insurance for this. For this, he paid a premium of Rs 844. When it rained, their crop got spoiled. Thereafter, he made an insurance claim. A team surveyed to compensate for his loss. After months of survey, Rs 90.72 was deposited in his bank account, then the ground slipped under his feet. When the farmer talked to other farmers, he came to know that he is not alone. Compensation of Rs 155 has been sent to someone's bank account and Rs 360 to someone's account. This amount is only about 10 to 12 percent of the premium.

Farmer Santosh Patil told- I paid the premium of Rs 1,672 to the insurance company, for which I got only Rs 360 as compensation. Now, what should I do with this amount? I will have nothing to do with this. He said that the insurance company has did such a joke with us at the age of 70 years. Farmer Pundalik Patil said- I have also applied to insurance companies to compensate for the loss. Now if other farmers got such a small amount, then what will be my amount? Even if I get this much money, I will not be able to buy even a shirt for myself. The same government needs to pay attention to this problem of the farmers.

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