900-year-old 'Crusade' sword found at sea bottom

Baghdad: A 900-year-old sword has been found under the sea in Israel. A diver has discovered this ancient sword. The historic sword is said to belong to a soldier who fought during the Crusades. For some reason, his sword must have fallen into the sea.

According to media reports, a man named Shlomy Katjin (Shlomi Katzin) was diving on the beach. After going about 200 meters deep, he noticed a strange object. When he went to the foothills and looked at him closely, he found that he was a sword (Crusader Sword).  The sword was very old. There were remnants of many things on it. Katjin pulled out the sword and took it with him to the Israel Antiquities Authority (IIA).

Where they were told that the sword belonged to a crusader (Crusader) and is about 900 years old. Inspector Nir Distelfeld, robbery prevention unit of IAA, said: "The sword, which has been preserved in the right position, is a beautiful and quite rare discovery and apparently it was a crusader night." Archaeologists say the sword has a one-meter-long blade and a 30-centimetre handle.

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