According to astrology, habit of washing feet turns bad times into good times

The branch of astrology gives the sign of fortune or misfortune to any person's feet according to maritime scriptures. There are some things that should not be done with feet, otherwise, a good period of life also changes in bad times. Vastu scholars also believe that feet should be kept in the right direction, even the cleaning of feet is of great importance. 

Whenever you come home from the outside, first take shoes and socks and wash the feet. It eliminates the destruction of all types of negative energy in the body. The mind is clean and healthy. Prior to increasing concentration and worshiping for a happy life or before going to the temple wash feet.

According to the scriptures wash the feet before sleeping for good and deep sleep. The effect of negative energy on the body is different. If you do not sleep or have bad dreams, then wash your feet and wipe it well. 

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