Adopt these tips to bring happiness in your home

Today, we are going to tell you which idols should be worshipped in order to fulfill the desire. By installing sun-statue in the house and worshiping it will fulfill all the desire.

1- To receive honor in the society, worship the sun god made up of wood and worship it. Worship of this statue brings honor and also a boon to long life.

2- To attain success, the idol of sun god made up of soil should be worshiped. By worshiping this idol, happiness and prosperity come in the house.

3- If you set up a gold made sun idol in your home, it will strengthen your economic status. And open all the ways of wealth.

4- Sun statue made of silver gives freedom from all diseases. And the body remains healthy.

5- To get the child, the idol of the sun made of copper should be worshiped.

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