After Soonam Gupta, Trending queen Priya Prakash Varrier becomes Bewafaa

Feb 13 2018 09:36 AM
After Soonam Gupta, Trending queen Priya Prakash Varrier becomes Bewafaa


New Delhi [India], Feb 13: We all know how quick social media is, anything attractive or bizarre shared,becomes a web sensation in only a couple of moments. While some think it is the best way as it helps to grab all the latest trendings, some say that it is hard to contain and also extremely less on its credibility. However, while individuals still level headed discussion on its validity, it has risen as the most ideal approach to remove excitement tattles. We, all remember Sonam Gupta, the girl who made onto almost all currency notes after being questioned over her loyalty. If that doesn’t ring a bell, #SonamGuptaBewafaaHai surely will. Now, if you are thinking that she is back, NO, perhaps her ‘sister’ is — going by what netizens are saying. This time it’s the recent heartthrob, Priya Prakash Varrier.

Now, if you are an active internet user, you would surely be aware of Priya Prakash Varrier.

The gorgeous lady with the most beautiful smile ever who is taking the breaths away of all the ‘sakth launda’ of the nation. Going by the social media posts, after taking the place of Disha Patani and Kriti Sanon as the ‘official crush of the nation’, the cute beauty from Malyalam film industry Priya Prakash also seem to be replacing the ‘national cheater’ Sonam Gupta as many posts with a hashtag #PriyaPrakashBewafaaHai were seen floating on different social media handles.

All those who don’t know who Sonam Gupta was, well #SonamGuptaBewafaaHai was troll where people from across the nation wrote the hashtag on a currency note and shared the pictures on their social media handles.


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